Friday, July 20, 2007


I will be on vacation until next Sunday.

Talk to you all when I get back!


Thursday, July 19, 2007

New York, New York

Since moving up north a few years ago, I have only visited NYC a handful of times. Every time I have gone, I get a massive headache from the city's never ending swirl of businessmen, tourists, colors, and noise.

The funny part is, I cannot imagine not going to college there.

Since I was a little girl, I've had this thing for fashion. I read magazines, and now blogs and other sites, like its my job. I get a high from watching the latest runway show or designing my own dress that is unexplainable. If I don't pursue a career in fashion-whether it be designing clothes, or writing for a magazine-I know I will regret it for the rest of my life.

However nice L.A. and other fashion capitols of the world seem, NYC is where my gut tells me to live. The city holds such a plethora of opportunities and possibilities and I know they overpower any possible repercussions.

Right now, I am very interested in attending Parson's or FIT. I would love more to hear some advice from current/former New Yorkers, as well as college students attending either school. Just know that I am a stubborn-headed teenager with more independence than I know what to do with; I can be prepared for the worst or the best.

Thank you!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Random tidbits of today


What I Wore, 7/18/07
  • Brown top - Express
  • Cardigan - Old Navy
  • Purse - UO
  • Denim capris - Calvin Klein Jeans
  • Shoes - Old Navy


It has been dreadfully rainy outside today. The rain wasn't even the pretty, serene type. Just misty, humid, ugliness. Well, I thought that at least until I saw the beautiful mist-covered Sleeping Giant State Park, across from where I work. I kicked myself when I realized I had forgotten to pack my camera in my purse.

I cooked another yummy meal tonight from July's issue of Real Simple, Roast Chicken with Grape and Blue Cheese Salad.

Onions and Celery


Vacation time?

In a few days, I will be leaving for a wonderful beach vacation. According to this article Americans are getting short-changed when it comes to their vacations. We have a measly 14 days (on average) of paid vacation time, compared to the Italians' 42 days.

Since I am still a minor with no 9-5 job, luckily this does not apply to me. However, it does to my parents, and how can I go on various vacations each year without them?

My advice: when you go on holiday, make sure you spend every single day doing what you went there to do. If you're going to the shore and the weather is permitting, spend the majority of your day basking in the sun rather than shopping at another 200-store mall. And especially do not bring your laptop, PDA, cellphone, etc, except for emergency purposes. In a country where we only receive 14 day of paid absence, it's not worth it to make such a priceless time like another day at the office.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Hello all,
I have decided to start a new blog (on a site that is a little easier to use).
You can check out previous posts at