Monday, December 31, 2007

The best candy bar

On Friday, I woke up early to catch an Amtrak train ride into the City with my boyfriend. We had been dreaming about roaming around Manhattan for months, and finally the opportunity arose to make it a reality!

After walking to Central Park in hopes that the ice skating rink would not be too busy (hah!), I was distracted by passerbyers carrying Dylan’s Candy Bar bags of deliciousness. Just last week, I was watching VH1’s “Fabulous Life Of…” and saw this candy store mentioned! We decided to pass on waiting in the never-ending ice skating line, and instead walked over to 3rd avenue in search of this candy store.

When we arrived, we waited in a short line before being released into the two story (soon to be three) candy-lover’s paradise. I practically trampled over young kids just so I could get my grapefruit slices and Haribo candies I had been craving all day! After picking up a bag for myself, and some old-fashioned candies for my parents, we headed to the check out, being left with a “Have a sweet day!” from the cashier.

If you are ever strutting around the Upper East Side like a Gossip Girl and are in need of a candy fix, I recommend Dylan’s Candy Bar to help settle your sweet tooth.

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