Friday, April 25, 2008


Well, for those of you who have checked out the Green Awakening blog (which I have done a horrible job at keeping up with, I know), the fashion show went FABulous! Over $1,500 has been raised so far to donate to the Sierra Club, it was featured in three newspapers, and is now featured in the latest episode of ThreadBanger!!!!!

I know I keep saying this to everyone, but Rob and Corinne really are such an inspiration to me. Their website, blog, and podcast is so informative and unique. I want to try EVERYTHING shown on there at some point in time. They are also both incredibly down-to-earth and generous.

Here's the episode if you haven't watched it yet:


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krissy said...

oh wow, you did such a great job!! (that was you in the video, right?) congratulations on the success of your fashion show!