Sunday, April 27, 2008


This past week has been crazy. I can't believe high school is almost over, and in less than 4 months, I'll be moving into my dorm at Marist.

Yesterday I made my tattoo appointment (oooh, scary!) for my birthday, and bought the cutest yellow dress ever to wear for my anti-prom night consisting of a swanky dinner in downtown Hartford and the Kanye/Rihanna/N.E.R.D./Lupe Fiasco concert.

Now I just have to get through my AP exams, and life will be even better.



la petite fashionista said...

ah the anti-prom night. sometimes i wish that's what i would have done. if it were not for the excuse to buy a betsey johnson dress, prom is totally overrated.:)

simply.steph said...

wow, lupe fiasco concert. nice. I kind of agree with the anti-prom. i mean i would have enjoyed the night with my closer friends. but then again too late to regret such things. defenitely an awesome outfit, especially the dress over top the white dress shirt =)well good luck with the exams!