Tuesday, January 1, 2008

i WILL keep these

Photo by rkr806 on Flickr

Here's my own set of resolutions for 2008 that I will be happy to keep.

I will...
  • learn to walk in high heels- as of right now, I walk sort of wobbly in them. I plan on practicing regularly and hopefully by graduation, I'll be a pro!
  • keep a daily sketchbook and/or blog- I really want to regularly sketch in my sketchbook, or post on here. or both!
  • stop procrastinating!!!- since the hectic Christmas season, I've been getting better at this. I refuse to give up on this main resolution; my life will be much more free of stress if I learn how to plan things out instead of waiting until the last minute.
  • keep a money diary- my main concern currently should be saving for college; however, buying a latte or new shirt is so much more appealing. keeping a diary of every cent I spend will help me see my cash downfalls on paper, and will hopefully influence future spending.
  • clean my room daily- this goes along with not procrastinating (if I let things pile up, cleaning will just take that much longer in the end).
  • read more & learn something new every day- to expand my knowledge :)
  • exercise regularly- ...to stay happy. I feel as though putting weight loss & exercising together makes it so much more serious. but after I exercise, I feel so much more energized and happy! the half hour of sweat and pain is worth it for that happiness.
  • do something for myself once a week- this includes little indulgences such as buying a new nail polish or watching a new movie that I usually wouldn't make time for.
What are your resolutions?



iHanna said...

indulge in a latte! ;-)

great resolutions, sounds like a happy project to me, you can do it!

thanks for visiting my blog!

Happy New Year!

ambika said...

Take a photo a day. I just joined the 365 Project on flickr and am really hoping to stick with it, through vacations & everything.

1st Mate said...

RE: walking in high heels, have you done any research into what you'll be doing to your feet? You know, when Chinese women started binding their feet they were considered very sexy too, but they were crippling themselves, and they didn't have any choice in most cases. You do. Think about it.

1st Mate said...

One of my resolutions is to do something every day that I'm either afraid or reluctant for some reason to do. It can be something very small like tasting something I've never tried, or as big as learning to operate a dinghy in a crowded marina.