Sunday, September 9, 2007

Every Sunday

Photo Credit: Flickr

Religion has always been a topic I try to steer clear of for many reasons. My personal beliefs differ regarding my own religion and others as well, and I am at the time in my life where I am interested in learning about different religions and beliefs other than my own. Anyways, my parents are very religious people and we go to church (almost) every Sunday. Sometime in elementary school when I was living in Texas, I decided to use this regularity to my advantage: I began to dress up to go to church a little differently than I normally would.

Ever since then, I have used Sunday mornings as my excuse to try out new (appropriate) trends before wearing them out (if they are a little bit dressier) or to school. I love the challenge I give myself to mix pieces together in ways previously unimaginable. I may get a few strange glances from elderly members of the church who are a bit more conservative about their Sunday looks, but it's my small way to have fun and be different from the rest.


Here's what I wore:

Blue, green, and purple plaid H&M jumper

Navy 3/4 sleeve Gap zippy

(barely visible) gray-stripped tee

Purple American Apparel leggings

Gray, bow-tipped flats

Does anyone else do something similar to this? Use a common place they go as their advantage to dress up in new ways? It's fun! If you haven't tried it, thing about your outfit a little more before going to: the grocery store, out shopping, the library, a park, a bookstore...anywhere, really!



WendyB said...

There's a whole book about fabulous hats that black women wore to church:

penelope said...

lol i'll do that whn i'm out wif my best friend~ who's a guy. and he's so cool wif it! haha! i love shopping trips with him! and no. he's straight. haha=p

Fabi said...

oh yes! I do this all the time, except I need to be a little careful because well, my dad is the pastor so I can't cause too much of a commotion, ya know? but I totally getcha, I love "special occasions", or just any outing for that matter =)