Thursday, September 13, 2007

The power vested in me

No pun intended, haha. Anyways, before school started, I went to Goodwill looking for a vest. Right as I was about to give up my search, I spotted a mint-condition Brooks Brothers woman's vest. The fit wasn't right though, so I figured I'd just take it in a little eventually.Two weeks later, I decided it was time to make it fit me. I pinched the sides, and sewed a dart on either side. It looks a little strange, since there's darts on my sides and it wasn't just sewed all the way down, but I don't think it looks too bad. Not too shabby for a $4 vest!Worn today with:
-H&M scarf
-Old Navy tank top & dress
-Bandolino wedges
-Mom's patent clutch



WendyB said...

Looks good!

Fabi said...

I like it! and I like how you wore it!

penelope said...

OMG U LOOK FAB!!! the vest looks like a million bucks! owell. u know. it looks expensive~~ haha!

anyhow thanks for d comment!!
yupp. and i doubt nicole'll be a fashionable mom. i think she'll be much more than that! her baby's so blessed!!

lalaliu said...

that is cuteness

dianabobar said...

love waistcoats!