Sunday, September 23, 2007

Loving Mooka

While browsing Fashionista last night, I watched their newest Girls Gone Styled video, featuring Mooka Kinney! I had never heard of the duo that is Rachel Antonoff and Alison Lewis before, but I instantly fell in love with them and their clothes. They are the cutest girls ever, creating the cutest vintage-y clothes you'll ever see. According to their website, they're inspired by all things magical such as "Peter Pan" and "winged ponies". If you're like me, and live under a rock (apparently...I hate being the last to know about designers!), I invite you to watch the interview of Rachel and Alison on Fashionista, and then hop over to their own website. I gurantee you'll fall in designer-love with them too!

Photo credit: Mooka Kinney



penelope said...

haha i love their attitude and wardrobe too!! lol!

anyhow thanks for d comment! yer. it's hard to imagine tt there wouldnt be anymore OC and yer. adam is so so cute! though i gta say. ryan and seth are both fabb in their own right!

WendyB said...

"Winged ponies"! LOL! I love it!