Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fruity, perfume-y musings

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I don't recall the first time I smelled Betsey Johnson's perfume, but that is the day I fell in love. This "fruity floriental" scent (as described on the Betsey Johnson website) is an instant mood lifter. I hate being unable to smell the scent a few minutes after I spray it on. If it weren't for potentially disgusted looks I would get from passerbyers, I would spray this perfume on me every few minutes.

Fruity, sweet-smelling fragerances are definitely my thing. I never thought I would like Paris Hilton's perfume until smelling it in a magazine; it instantly reminded me of sugary grapefruit candy (I have a pretty intense sweet tooth).

What's your favorite perfume/perfume genre? I'd love to hear!


P.S. On a completely unrelated note, I still do not believe this is really Gwyneth Paltrow.


krissy said...

re: gwenyth's photo shoot...i know!!! here's the weird thing. i showed the cover photo to my husband making sure to hide her name and asked him who it was. he knew it was her immediately! i couldn't believe it. he swears it was the first time seeing the cover...he just recognized her. so bizarre.
and about scents: i have a fairly weak sense of smell but i definitely prefer perfume that smells like food. (like the body shop satsuma scent that smells like oranges or their very first vanilla from the early 90's, some of the demeter flavours too).

la petite fashionista said...

i LOVE the betsey perfume! i always get compliments when i wear it, it smells SO good! if you could bottle betsey's style it would be just like that, i think its perfect

cotton candy said...

ooh la la!! what perfume is this?? i must search for it and try to get a scent of it ^^ addicted to perfume.

Amy said...

the perfume bottle is absolutely gorgeous!

Bridey said...

Sweet fruity perfumes are the best!
I haven't seen the Betsey perfume around (we prob don't have it in NZ) I like Joop Muse, and have to order that online too :(