Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Manhattan, part one

Manhattan was even better than I remembered it being. There is so much to see everywhere you look; the city is like a never ending supply of eye candy. First, I had a quick lunch with my parents at an Au Bon Pain, and then it was time to do some shopping!

We made quick stops at Anthropologie (if I could choose one store that is the embodiment of my natural style, this would be it), Juicy Couture (um. Let's just say I couldn't afford anything there), Levi's for my mom, and American Apparel! I finally decided to purchase a pair of purple leggings, and now I want them in every color. They're super comfy, and I just want to live in them 24/7!

Then it was off to a quick, informative information session at Parsons on 5th avenue. Frankly, I loved everything about the college. It's right in the heart of the city, borders other colleges (part of NYU's right next door), and the diversity of the student body is astounding. Please accept my application, Parsons!

On the way out, we passed by S'MAC, a simple East Village restaurant specializing in mac n' cheese. I'm praying we'll make a stop there Friday, when we go back to visit FIT.


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