Monday, August 27, 2007

Guilty pleasures, 8/27/07

Back when I started this blog, I wanted to have a unique weekly post under the same subject. After listening to the radio yesterday, I was inspired!; why not a "guilty pleasures" post? We all have them, and I know mine change daily. After posting my most recent guilty pleasures, I would love to hear everyone elses. C'mon, you know you have them!

  • Avril Lavigne's "When Your Gone" & Pink's "Who Knew" - I swear, that's all they have been playing on the radio, and even though I don't particularly care for either artist, these songs have nice lyrics.

  • Not having to pay for gas when I go out - Thank you, mom and dad.

  • Using my womenly-ness as an excuse to eat lots and lots of junk food

  • Free samples at health food stores - like this local one here.

  • Being excited for back-to-school shopping - even when I still have homework (and lots of it) to finish up.


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krissy said...

i'm sure i have more but all i can think of are these two right now:
*adding (and reading) way too many blogs in my bloglines
*that new kelly clarkson song (i think it's called 'never again') and i still have to admit i love 'since you been gone'