Thursday, August 2, 2007

A mad hat & jeans

The closest Goodwill to my home is...mediocre. I once found a brand spankin' new, $98 Banana Republic tweed skirt there. That, however, is my only success story. After reading about/seeing very awesome thrift store finds over at other blogs, I decided to try my luck out again, nearly a year later.

My first find? (Or shall I say, my mom's first find for me? Gotta love the mother.) A Merrimac Hat Corporation wool hat (where they still used mercury to make them), with a "Macy's, New York" tag. I had no idea what this hat company was until I Googled it just now; unfortunately the factory is now a condominium development.
Vintage Hat
The ribbon around the back edge of it is totally off, as you might be able to tell from the safety pin holding it in place in the picture.
Then, I found a trouser-ish pair of Gap jeans that fit me like a glove (and somehow remind me of Carol Brady). There is no such thing as too many jeans!
Thrifed Gap Jeans
In conclusion, I have a new hope for this particular Goodwill.


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fashionistakay said...

Those are some excellent finds!