Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My newest lust: C.S.

Whilst browsing Style.com tonight, I came across Castle Starr, a line of playful party frocks in a mix of vintage and modern designs. Their website is instantly inviting with its jazz music and lusty feel. At around $600 for an intricately designed dress, Castle Starr isn't the most expensive clothing label in the world. If you have an event you could possibly splurge this much on, their clothing looks like it would be well worth the money. Their clothing has been featured in Teen Vogue (on Ashley Olsen!), InStyle, Nylon, and Allure, as well as other publications. Take a look at their site and you may just fall in lust as well.



Rebecca said...

I love the neckline, the cut, the crispness; even the yellow, although I probably wouldn't wear it. (Yellow is not popular here in the Great Northwest, I think it's something about the quality of the light here.) The row of fluffy flowers down the front, though, moves it solidly from the realm of "I might consider it" to "too fussy for me".

And I'd probably have to wear something under a dress that short. But that's okay, there's lots of options for that too.

Thanks for the link to their site!

krissy said...

such a cute dress! i'll have to check out that link for some inspiration...
thanks so much for dropping by my blog to say hi! you've got a great little place over here too! it's funny--looks like we hang out at a lot of the same blogs (bits & bobbins, style bytes, icing, not martha..and one other, i forget which one it was though...) anyhow, nice to meet you... :)